CTMS - The Solution

CTMS – Corporate Translation Management Solution

CTMS (Corporate Translation Management Solution) is a hosted server solution developed by alfaloc, which facilitates highly efficient and transparent global translation management.
This role-based system forms the technical interface between all participants in the translation process, from MarCom managers through translation service providers to the reviewers in the respective countries. Finance and quality managers can also be integrated into the system as required, thus providing them with a complete overview of all the projects that are relevant to them along with their status at all times.

The corporate translation memories and the corporate terminology are the core of the system. They consolidate all previously validated multilingual language data and therefore all investment made for this purpose. To maintain the quality and reliability of this key data, it is crucial that access is limited to only a qualified group of persons with administrator rights.
All other participants in the translation process are assigned only restricted, specific access permissions according to their respective roles. For example, vendors and reviewers are only given access to the data packages provided for them within the translation project. This ensures that only approved data material in the current version is edited. The corporate translation memory and corporate terminology remain unchanged.


Examples of reports generated by GTMS, please click to enlarge the Images.
Project details have been blurred for data privacy protection.

Multiple steps in CTMS are automated according to predefined procedures. For example, a timed invitation to tender is automatically sent to various service providers to ensure that the best price is achieved for every job. Following timely receipt of the bids, the data package created by CTMS – the project kit, comprising the translation files, a project TM and the relevant terminology – is commissioned and made available.

All other steps relevant for the project are managed via CTMS, which means that it is possible to see at any time where the language data is in the process, who is working on it, and what deadlines have been specified.

After the translation files have been delivered via CTMS (the project TM remains with the service provider), various quality assurance steps are performed and the data is then converted back into its original format and layout and sent for in-country review in its overall context. Multiple review cycles are often necessary, which involve making numerous corrections to the translated texts.
Instead of then entering these changes manually in the project TM, which would inevitably lead to discrepancies or errors in the TM, an alignment of the source and target language versions of the texts is performed after the review is finalised, so that only final and approved language pairs are added to the corporate translation memory. The same applies to new terminology, which is added centrally to the corporate terminology and hosted in CTMS.

All of this is done at administrator level. Externals have no access to the corporate translation memory and corporate terminology. Your language data thus remains reliable, error-free and up-to-date in the long term.