CTMS - The Benefits

CTMS – The Benefits

CTMS offers numerous benefits for all responsible persons across all departments in your company, who are either directly or indirectly involved in the translation process.


Benefits for Purchasing and Finance Management

  • CTMS offers the highest savings potential in the industry in terms of translation costs. All language data is granulated and edited so as to reduce the volume to be processed to an absolute minimum and to avoid purchasing the same text module twice. For example, 100% Matches are not included for calculation and billing purposes – which is not the case with all other language technology solutions and service providers.
  • CTMS provides complete transparency with respect to bidding by your vendors and, thanks to automatic tendering, ensures that every project is executed at the best price. The quality reports generated after every translation also support your vendor management in selecting the best service providers. This helps you to find the optimum balance of costs and quality.
  • alfaloc offers the CTMS platform and all related services as a genuine flat rate model for one year following conclusion of the contract. No additional costs are incurred during this year, no matter how many review cycles there are in a project.
    At the end of the year, alfaloc creates a balance sheet and forecast on the basis of the projects that have been processed, and uses these results to calculate the flat rate for the coming year. This can, of course, be adjusted upwards or downwards depending on the volume, and helps you to create a concrete and reliable budget for the coming year.
  • The flat rate for CTMS covers working hours as well as all costs for technical equipment, maintenance and hosting of the solution. alfaloc guarantees that the system will always be kept up-to-date with the latest technological developments and that there will be no downtime.


Benefits for Quality Management

  • CTMS makes quality measurable. Thanks to advanced, database-supported quality assurance steps, compliance with your corporate language is guaranteed in every project and visualised in quality reports. All discrepancies are documented and can be corrected in good time before new translations are added to the corporate translation memory.
    These reports can also be used to give feedback to vendors to improve translation quality in the long term.
  • CTMS stores all approved content, corporate translation memories and corporate terminology in a central system and manages role-based access to the assigned data and documents. It is therefore no longer necessary to send data via email or transmit large data volumes.
  • CTMS provides an online view of the translated texts in Adobe layout, in which all corrections to texts and graphics can be annotated. This means that there are no individual files sent for review, thus avoiding overlaps and version conflicts; all current corrections can be viewed online by the authorised persons.
  • CTMS allows an unlimited number of reviews, as all changes to the translated texts are not added to the corporate translation memories until they have received final approval. Product and quality managers can track all changes from the in-country reviews via CTMS at any time and monitor the corresponding deadlines.
  • CTMS offers role-based dashboards, which facilitate an overview of the progress of translation projects in real time.
  • CTMS supports compliance with your company-specific rules and requirements for the translation process and guarantees clear document control, as required for audit purposes (e.g. for FDA).


Benefits for MarCom and Product Management

  • CTMS guarantees a user-friendly, cost-optimised and controlled translation process with high quality standards and extremely efficient throughput. Furthermore, it reduces the time spent on translation projects to an absolute minimum thanks to database-supported pre- and post-processing of the translation files.
  • CTMS allows the integration of all participants in the translation process from any location and supports collaboration between international teams and departments, as all relevant information can be accessed online at any time.
  • According to the specified requirements, CTMS automatically assigns tasks within a project to participating employees and external vendors, coordinates the review cycles in the respective countries and thus greatly simplifies your project management.
  • CTMS creates numerous reports on the project status, quality control, etc. and makes it easier for MarCom and product managers to obtain a real-time overview of their current projects and the associated scheduling.
  • Thanks to CTMS, you retain full ownership of all language data and documents, including corporate translation memories and terminology databases. You thus safeguard your expertise, even if there is a change of personnel, and have greater independence when it comes to choosing your service providers.