Translation Management

Translation Management

alfaloc language technology provides its customers with comprehensive support for the networking and coordination of their global translation management. With our solutions we give all participants in the translation process 24/7 access to their data, while content approval and process monitoring are performed centrally by the designated administrators.
Our customers are free to assume this administrator function internally in their own organisations or – if there is no internal team with the required expertise available – to outsource translation management to the alfaloc Language Services Team. Thanks to the transparency of our solutions, our customers retain full access to and control of their data at all times

Why External Translation Management?

Translation is not generally a core competency of MedTech companies. Nevertheless, these companies are almost without exception global in nature on account of their internal structures and their markets. In practice, brand and product managers, corporate divisions as well as MarCom and specialist departments worldwide communicate on a daily basis to create product catalogues, surgical techniques, field actions, IFUs and labelling data and render them in many different languages. This would simply not be possible without concerted translation management.

However, not all international companies have the linguistic expertise or the required structures for implementing translation management internally.
For these companies, alfaloc provides support in the form of technology and an external Language Services Team. This team coordinates and monitors all translation jobs to be completed, from technical preparation of the texts for translation (see also > Corporate Translation Memories), preparation of the data packages including corresponding project TMs and terminology, monitoring of deadlines, to quality assurance after the translation has been completed (including terminology compliance review, etc.).

What makes the alfaloc Language Services Team different from a translation agency?

Unlike translation agencies, alfaloc does not provide translation services, but instead coordinates collaboration with your vendors and monitors the quality of the content they deliver with respect to terminology and corporate language. alfaloc also focuses on the use of technology to prepare the data to be translated. We ensure that all content in text modules is translated only once and can be reused consistently and as often as required.
Identical text modules are not displayed in recurring text segments, thereby excluding the possibility of inconsistent translations of the same content and reducing the volume of data to be translated. Identical text modules translated in this way appear in the final document the same number of times and in the same locations as they appeared in the source document. alfaloc uses proprietary technology solutions with functionality that extends far beyond that of conventional translation software.


CTMS – The Solution

Our hosted server solution CTMS was developed to ensure highly efficient and transparent global translation management.

CTMS – The Benefits

CTMS offers numerous benefits for all departments in your company directly or indirectly involved in the translation process.


Standard worksteps – specifically designed for each and every customer –  help to streamline resources, timelines and costs.