Quality Management

Quality Management

Before the market launch for a new product, various documents (IFUs, surgical techniques, labelling, etc.) must be created, which are mandatory for product registration and approval. There are clearly defined guidelines and timelines, which must be strictly adhered to. Complete quality management is therefore crucial not only at product management level, but also at textual and linguistic level, so as not to jeopardise the on-time market launch of products.

Technology Solutions for high Quality Standards

With technology solutions from alfaloc language technology, you have all the tools you need to make the quality management for your language data systematic and transparent at your disposal.

This begins with the use of our translation management solution CTMS. It serves as the central platform for all participants in the authoring and translation process and stores all the language data and metadata required for successful quality management: corporate translation memories, corporate terminology, style guides, etc.

We work with our customers to develop a server-based, semi-automated workflow for product and brand managers, in which all participating resources as well as various quality assurance measures are integrated. If there are no internal resources for quality management available in the company, we will provide a team to organise the individual process steps and manage them via CTMS. As administrators, our customers have a complete overview of all processes and their status at all times.

Quality starts with the First Word

alfaloc language technology has developed procedures to support quality management, starting with the authoring process.
When source language texts are being created, they are compared with the corporate terminology to ensure that they are compliant. New terminology is also recorded in this way and can be defined and validated before the translation process begins.

With such vast numbers of texts being created independently of each other across the company, interdepartmental synchronisation of terminology is essential in order to be able to identify and correct terminology discrepancies in good time, before they are multiplied through translation into a multitude of target languages. Because corporate terminology is frequently very specific and is used differently depending on the product, a review cannot be conducted manually, but instead requires server-based procedures.

Adherence Check

Further quality assurance steps are performed following receipt of the translated texts. Here, compliance with the corporate terminology as well as consistency with the corporate translation memories is checked. After every review, the system outputs error reports, which contain a table listing inconsistencies or discrepancies found in the translation files. These reports can be made available to vendors so that they can correct their translations. They also serve as valuable feedback for vendor management concerning the quality delivered by vendors.

Real-time Review

alfaloc technology solutions also support the review process. An online view of all target language documents in their final layout and a live comment function allow reviews in real time, providing maximum transparency for product and brand managers with respect to status and deadlines.