Corporate Terminology

Corporate Terminology

Like corporate translation memories, corporate terminology is a basic building block for ensuring adherence to a corporate language and thus protecting a company’s corporate identity.

Every translator has his/her own unique style and different expressions and translations are often used for the same term. Without the binding definition of specialist terminology, a vast number of inconsistencies would eventually creep into both the source language content and the translated texts, which could not be corrected afterwards. Confusing consumer information poses a real risk for companies, as misunderstood or inaccurate product information can lead to application errors and in turn to liability claims.

It is therefore imperative that global companies invest time and expertise in the establishment of a validated terminology database in order to ensure high-quality and CI-compliant translations in the long term. This is the only way to guarantee consistent, multilingual usage and complete quality assurance.

With solutions from alfaloc language technology, it is possible to expand complete terminology databases using available multilingual content and to integrate them into the company’s quality assurance processes by means of a terminology compliance review.
These steps are mainly automated. However, for the purposes of validation of the designations extracted by alfaloc, a review must be conducted by dedicated specialists within the company or by reliable vendors for the respective target languages. This manual task is crucial, as only the companies themselves can decide which expressions comply with their own corporate language.

It is also important that the corporate terminology – like the corporate translation memories – is hosted centrally and edited only by authorised administrators in order to maintain the integrity of the data. With each translation job, vendors receive a terminology extract, which they can work with locally. New content is compared with the corporate terminology before the job is placed so that any new terms can be recorded and validated. This ensures that inconsistencies are eliminated when translation projects are being prepared.

Product-specific terms often have different names depending on the department. This can also be taken into account by giving these terms different attributes in the corporate terminology and assigning them to the respective teams. In translation projects, only the designations for the team assigning the job are then issued. Each department is thus integrated into the corporate terminology, but retains control over its own specific terminology.

The possibilities that this gives you as a company are numerous. We will be happy to assist you in tailoring your terminology management to your requirements.